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4 April 2008

So, there. Inspired by the newly-started blogs of some of my acquaintances, I had this thought that I might actually have a word or two on a number of subjects, and that it might even be worth sharing. And here I am, typing this introductory entry in my Emacs.

I guess the first thing one usually writes about in a blog is introducing himself to the public, so for those of you who have arrived here through some links on the Web and don’t know me, here goes. I am a 23-year-old (soon to be 24, though) programmer geek, living in Warsaw, Poland. In 2006, I graduated from Warsaw University, where I majored in computer science, and am now working full-time as a senior software engineer at Sentivision. I have a homepage (currently in Polish only, though I probably will translate it to English some day). These days, I tend to use Common Lisp for most of my programming work, though I also occassionally use Python, Ruby, C, Perl, OCaml, Haskell, Java, and a handful of other languages.

This is going to be a blog about my personal interests. This means mostly programming, with a fair share of posts about books, poetry, Scrabble, music, biking, cats, and a bunch of other topics thrown in. The new entries will most likely be added irregularly, whenever I feel like sharing a thought. My mother tongue is Polish, but I will try to maintain this blog in English just to polish up my English writing skills (no pun intended) and for greater worldwide understandability.

As you might have noticed, there is no possibility of leaving comments. This is a side-effect of the fact that this blog is, technically, just a bunch of static HTML pages (automatically generated with Blosxom), and is in line with my idea of blog comments: I view them as a way of providing direct feedback to the author, not as a publically available message board with discussions having a heavy tendency to drift off topic. So, should you like to comment on some post, feel free to drop me an email; I’ll be happy to respond to interesting mails in the blog. I can be contacted at dj at danieljanus dot pl.

Update 2010-Jan-17: Several things have changed —– in particular, Sentivision doesn’t exist anymore — but I haven’t done any editing in this post other than updating the links.