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I’m not playing this stupid game anymore

14 April 2008

Not until the next tournament, that is. My achievements in the 12th Scrabble Championship of Warsaw can be described as “mediocre” at best; four won, one drawn and seven lost games mean that my general rating will drop down by two points or so. Oh well. Everybody knows it’s a stupid game. ;-) At least I’ve managed to get a decent small score, with an average of 377 points per game.

Random resolutions for the indefinite future:

  1. Get a final draft of the C++09 standard when it’s ready and acquaint myself with it as closely as possible. I strongly dislike C++ (and I’m not alone in this — see the Frequently Questioned Answers about C++ for very detailed criticisms); however, I’ve long wanted to learn that language better just to know all the strengths and weaknesses of the enemy. The ideal moment for this will be when the new standard is out; this will give me the advantage of not having to unlearn the things changed by the standard, while staying on a cutting and competitive edge.

  2. Get a copy of Federico García Lorca’s poems translated into Polish by Jerzy Ficowski. I have only a very vague knowledge of Lorca (just his Romance of the Spanish Civil Guard (Romance de la Guardia Civil Española)), but I very much like what little I know.