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Hello world, again

11 March 2011

I’ve been quiet on the front of blogging in English recently. But that doesn’t mean I’ve given up.

After more than a year, I had become tired of maintaining a Blosxom installation. I greatly admire Blosxom, its minimalism and extensibility, but the default installation is just too minimal for my needs. And the plugins tend to have rough edges. Like the Disqus comments that I’ve enabled at one time on the otherwise static blog pages: the correct number of comments appears in some places but not all; besides, they just don’t feel right.

So I’ve embarked on an experiment with a blogging platform, namely Posterous. I’ve started a blog in Polish there to comment on local affairs in my mother tongue and to popularize Clojure among Polish programmers. And after a few months, I consider this experiment successful. Posterous supports Markdown, which I grew accustomed to while using Blosxom. It automatically syntax-highlights snippets of Clojure code that I post, which is a big win. It is highly customizable, easy to use (blogging via email FTW!), and lets me control my data. It does have its deficiencies, but on the whole it gets in the way less. So I’m switching to Posterous for “Musings of a Lispnik” too.

It is unclear for me how to migrate the old content to new platform, so for now I’ll leave it as is under a temporary address, while posting new things exclusively here. (Update 2012-09-24: After another migration, this time to Octopress, I’ve merged the old contents back where it belongs.)

In the near future, I plan to translate a few articles about Clojure I’d written in Polish and post their English versions here. Stay tuned!