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Clojure SET

10 February 2010

I’ve just taken a short breath off work to put some code on GitHub that I had written over one night some two months ago. It is an implementation of the Set game in Clojure, using Swing for GUI.

I do not have time to clean up or comment the code, so I’m leaving it as is for now; however, I hope that even in its current state it can be of interest, especially for Clojure learners.

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Reactivation (and some ramblings on my blogging infrastructure)

18 January 2010

This blog has not seen content updates in more than a year. Plenty of things can happen in such a long period, and in fact many aspect of my life have seen major changes over this time. I’m not, however, going to write a lengthy post about all that right now. Instead, I just would like to announce the reactivation of the blog.

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Google Books

2 January 2009

Yesterday, upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary, over a renowned volume of the olden lore (and specifically, upon one of the problems contained in the Polish translation of the first edition), I suddenly felt a need to consult the original version, to check whether there are no mistranslations or unincluded corrections for my copy. So I headed for Google Book Search, and apart from finding what I needed, I followed a link that sounded interesting. Quoth the link, “Groundbreaking Agreement”.

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18 December 2008

Fighting procrastination has been my major concern these days. I’ve devised a number of experimental tools to help me with that. One of them is called snafu and can generate reports of your activity throughout the whole day of work. It’s in a preliminary state, but works (at least since I’ve found and fixed a long-standing bug in it which would cause it to barf every now and then), and I already have a number of ideas for its further expansion.

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The immensely powerful tool

23 September 2008

A pen and a sheet of paper are simple utilities; but there lies vast and sheer power in them that I was not aware of. Up until now. So what can they be used for that one might possibly not realize?

Short answer: serializing the stream of consciousness.

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Who said Common Lisp programs cannot be small?

9 August 2008

So, how much disk space does your average CL image eat up? A hundred megs? Fifty? Twenty? Five, perhaps, if you’re using LispWorks with a tree-shaker? Well then, how about this?

[nathell@chamsin salza2-2.0.4]$ ./cl-gzip closures.lisp test.gz
[nathell@chamsin salza2-2.0.4]$ gunzip test
[nathell@chamsin salza2-2.0.4]$ diff closures.lisp test
[nathell@chamsin salza2-2.0.4]$ ls -l cl-gzip
-rwxr-xr-x 1 nathell nathell 386356 2008-08-09 11:08 cl-gzip

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You win some, you lose some, you talk some

23 June 2008

After my shameful performance in the previous tournament, this weekend saw my greatest achievement in tournament Scrabble to date: that of advancing to the quarterfinals of the Cup of Poland. For the record, here are the final standings. In the quarterfinal, I lost both games to Tomasz Zwoliński (the former Champion of Poland), who went on to win the Cup.

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cl-morfeusz: A ninety minutes’ hack

23 June 2008

Here’s what I came up with today, after no more than 90 minutes of coding (complete with comments and all):

MORFEUSZ> (morfeusz-analyse "zażółć gęślą jaźń")
((0 1 "zażółć" "zażółcić" "impt:sg:sec:perf")
 (1 2 "gęślą" "gęśl" "subst:sg:inst:f")
 (2 3 "jaźń" "jaźń" "subst:sg:nom.acc:f"))

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Another metapost

19 June 2008

No, I am not going to write about the programming language for generating vector graphics. This is not a real post, but rather a note to self to write ones on certain topics once I get ready for that. And as for today’s title, I just couldn’t resist the pun. ;-)

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Today’s lesson: Mind the symlinks

11 June 2008

Probably every day I keep learning new things, without even realizing it most of the time. The vast majority of them are minor or even tiny tidbits of knowledge; but even these might be worth noting down from time to time, especially when they are tiny pitfalls I’d fallen into and spent a couple of minutes getting out. By sharing them, I might hopefully prevent someone else for slipping and falling in.

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