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Another metapost

19 June 2008

No, I am not going to write about the programming language for generating vector graphics. This is not a real post, but rather a note to self to write ones on certain topics once I get ready for that. And as for today’s title, I just couldn’t resist the pun. ;-)

I’ve been rewriting the Poliqarp Java (GUI) client for the last two weeks or so. The point is to convert it to use the new protocol, and to take the opportunity of turning a messy, kludgey and bit-rotting pile of code into a neatly decoupled, cleanly designed, robust and comprehensible utility. And the further I get, the more I see how much it’s worth it. I strongly believe that at the end of this path, upon remergence with the mainline, Poliqarp will become better than ever before.

Thus, when I have something to show (I hope to deliver a preliminary working version, though not yet feature-complete, within the upcoming week or so), I will probably brag about the design solutions I’ve taken. While I’m at it, I will possibly also write the long-delayed description of the new build system.

If there is anybody out there besides me who actually cares for that, stay tuned!