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cl-morfeusz: A ninety minutes’ hack

23 June 2008

Here’s what I came up with today, after no more than 90 minutes of coding (complete with comments and all):

MORFEUSZ> (morfeusz-analyse "zażółć gęślą jaźń")
((0 1 "zażółć" "zażółcić" "impt:sg:sec:perf")
 (1 2 "gęślą" "gęśl" "subst:sg:inst:f")
 (2 3 "jaźń" "jaźń" "subst:sg:nom.acc:f"))

This is cl-morfeusz in action, a Common Lisp interface to Morfeusz, the morphological analyser for Polish.

It’s a single Lisp file, so there’s no ASDF system definition or asdf-installability for now. I’m not putting it under version control, either. Or, should I say, not yet. When I get around to it, I plan to write a simple parser and write a Polish-language version of the text adventure that started it all.

Meanwhile, you may use cl-morfeusz for anything you wish (of course, as long as you comply with Morfeusz’s license). Have fun!

Update 2010-Jan-17: With the advent of UTF-8 support in CFFI, the ugly workarounds in the code are probably no longer necessary; I don’t have time to check it right now, though.